Welcome to REDSTARS

"I want to help your child become their own star”. 

Claire Redfern ~ director 

Why join redstars?

Its simple, we want to help your child become their own star. 

Whether its to pursue a career in acting, teaching, health care or whatever their future passion maybe. We at redstars believe the craft of drama is a great super power for your child to have when it comes to presenting their future selves in the big wide world. 

Redstars can help build on your child’s self-confidence, develop positive working relationships within a safe creative space. It is crucial our students feel at ease in order to express themselves through this art form. Ultimately we want to prepare our redstars for lifes challenges.   

Our lessons are always engaging, challenging and different every week. But most importantly they are fun. Redstar students are always buzzing in our sessions and all the way home (as our redstar parents often tell us!). 

We explore drama through energetic team games, spontaneous improvistion, challenging scripts and encourage devising their own work. Our students learn acting techniques in each session and given professional feedback to improve their work further. We especially enjoy praising every redstar by giving them their spotlight moment  of being our ‘Redstar of the day’. 

This is what our redstar family has to say:

"We offer two (very popular) after school  Redstars Drama Clubs and are proud to have been working with Claire and her team from the beginning!  The children thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to perform and be part of the club and parents love being invited in to watch at the end of term too. It is a great way to promote drama and all its benefits; from confidence building to speaking and listening skills...not to mention the fun they have. Redstars is really well run and has definitely enhanced our extra-curricular provision at Heatherside Junior". Mrs Hannah Dunn, Headteacher of Heatherside Junior School. 

"The lessons are really fun and such a laugh. We all get on so well. I'm so glad I signed up" ~ Redstar student. 

"My daughter is loving drama and is looking forward to doing it again next term! I think it is helping her self confidence as she’s not as negative about herself as she was" ~ Redstar Parent. 

"I would highly recommend Redstars to anyone whose child is keen on acting or simply looking to gain some confidence. Claire and her team are absolutely amazing, and will ensure your 

child not only has a fantastic time, but really does feel confident and inspired" ~ Emma Sharratt, Governor of Court Moor School and Redstar Parent. 

We welcome ALL young people at Redstars, whether you want to learn more about performing, make new friends or just purely have fun. 

We especially want to hear from those who feel are being held back by their lack of confidence, anxieties or behaviour issues. We are very passionate about helping young people improve their mental health through the outlet of drama. 

Lastly and most important, we aim to give your child the happiest hour of their week. 

If you like what we are about, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us below. 

This is Redstars ~ Be your own star. 


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Redstars Charity


We are very passionate about young peoples mental health so instead of asking parents to pay to watch their children perform at Redstars, we ask for donations towards Hart Voluntary Action 121 counselling instead. This is a local Fleet based charity.

If any students would like to do any charity work for this cause, please talk to Claire at your next club. 

"Read all about it..."


We're in the paper! This is was our first session. Thank you to Steve Lloyd for running a story on us. Look at those forced smiles! We need another article to fit all our 60 redstars in next time.