"My name is Claire Hersey (Redfern) and I just want to tell you a little bit about why I have decided to embark on my new drama teaching adventure with my brother Ed Redfern.

I simply want to build young people's confidence, ready for the big wide world. I have taught drama in the Fleet community since 2012, but my life hasn't always been teaching. I have worked in different industries such as television, marketing, publishing to the wedding industry! I have always thought 'well,  if I could get on stage when I was a kid... I can handle anything'. That's the type of confidence I want all my young people to have.

I don't want to just mould young people to be 'famous'. I want to help encourage them to pursue their life ambitions. Whatever that might be. I want our young people to gain confidence through their understanding of important life skills such as empathy, public speaking and active listening from their Redstar drama experience.

Another interest and passion of mine is helping young people with their mental health. Having struggled with this myself and still do at times, I feel drama is a fantastic outlet to explore your feelings. It can be very therapeutic and cathartic also. I welcome all young people who struggle
physically or emotionally.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to dedicate Redstars to my amazing parents, brother and sister in law. To my wonderful, supportive friends for helping design logos, mentoring me and always teaching me.  Thank you to the fantastic staff at Court Moor School, plus school governors, head teachers,  parents and students in the community for sharing my business with others. Lastly, this is for my rock of a husband; your love and encouragement combined has helped me find the inner confidence to pursue my dream.

I am really looking forward to working with our young people and continuing my passion which is simply to help young people become their OWN star.

Thank you for reading".  Claire